May 22, 2022

Bugsnax; Will it be Quirky, Innovative and Charming?

Bugsnax is an adventure video game developed by independent game studio Young Horses. By their definition they make games that are quirky, innovative and charming. Sounds exactly the sort of game I would play. So I thought I would dig around and see what I could find out about it.

The game was unveiled via an announcement trailer shown during Sony’s PlayStation 5 livestreamed reveal event on June 11, 2020

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Bugsnax – Gameplay Trailer | PS5

Players control a newspaper reporter, who one day receives a film strip in the mail from Elizabert Megafig. Megafig is a disgraced explorer. The mail details the mysterious Snaktooth Island. The island is inhabited by creatures called Bugsnax who are “half bug and half snack”. Megafig encourages the reporter to come to the island and document them for the world to see.

Intrigued, (as you would be) the reporter heads off to the island. Upon arrival the reporter discovers from the native Grumpuses that Megafig has gone missing!

Features a character from the game , who is smiling and has a closed fist and a drilling tool

You are what you eat

Bugsnax is a first-person adventure game, in which players traverse Snaktooth Island trying to find and capture different species of Bugsnax using various contraptions. Over 100 Bugsnak species are available for capture. Once captured, the Bugsnax can be fed to the local Grumpuses, which transforms their bodies based on the properties of whatever Bugsnak they eat.

Currently set for release in Q4 2020 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows PC’s.

Oh incidentally, if Instagram filters are your thing, there is currently a filter for Bugsnax on there. Go fill your boots and see what inner Bugsnak lies in you.

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