Brunch Club – Xbox One Review

Brunch Club – Xbox One Review

The trend of physics based party games from publisher Yogscast Games continues with Brunch Club from developers Foggy Box Games. But can it fare better than my previous review of Drink More Glurp?

Brunch Club is a party game where you are tasked with making a chosen meal against the clock. This is carried out by navigating a floating cursor over various items within the play space and taking control of them. Each item you control has its own unique way of moving thanks to the physics aspect of the game, with you pivoting bread on it’s corners or rolling a mug till it bumps over it’s handle. The first game has you attempting to make buttered toast and the game will let you complete this task in anyway you can get the items to react. For me this involved grabbing a plate first, tipping it up on it’s side and resting against the toaster to create a makeshift ramp. I then simply ‘walked’ the bread into the toaster.

Spatula Bridge? Yup.

Working with the available items and figuring out how to use them to progress was interesting, despite the trial and error aspect of it all. What was less fun was when items didn’t behave how they should. This didn’t happen too often, but when against the clock and finding out dropping an egg in pan didn’t crack it, you find yourself reaching for the reset button. If you’re interested, I found rolling a cup onto an egg to be the most predictable way to crack it.

So it’s a physics based game, are the controls fun bad or just plain bad bad? I’d put them more on the fun side. It is possible to get better with each item the more you play, allowing to see your ability and times improve. Even after playing it a lot I get the occasional item that I just can’t manipulate quite how I want it, but this could be chalked up to user ability as much as game controls. It is addictive and that’s vital for a game that aims to annoy you as much as entertain you.

There’s eight main games, with each named after a pop reference. Each of these games have three different difficulties. The ramps in difficulty on some games are night and day, where with others it just takes a more careful approach. In medium and hard difficulties you actually have lives which you lose when an item is dropped from the area. This proved an issue with the toast tasks where the toaster shoots a shock wave out on completing and sends the butter flying off the table. Eventually you over come this by predicting the butter’s path and blocking it with another object.

Another addition with the difficulty increase is modifiers. Each game mode has a unique modifier which can drastically affect the outcome. One area has a laser rifle sight follow your every move, only to fire a bullet and destroy your item if you take too long. Some of these are great and some are frustrating. I found myself turning down the difficulty to avoid at least a few.

Each of these games, as well as all the other modes, are also local multiplayer. With the main games setting you co-operatively with upto four players. There’s also a face off mode for competitive play and an arcade section with an assortment of minigames. Much like my gripe with Drink More Glurp, local only doesn’t cut it right now. Although this game can be fun solo, it offers so much more with friends as it’s genre of ‘party game’ would suggest. The graphics in Brunch Club are nice and bright, with the cartoon aesthetic fitting well with the chip tune style music and 16 bit sound effect beeps. The game runs smoothly, even during hectic moments and there is no voicework or story. If you have a household full of willing players, there’s quite a lot of content and multiplayer fun to be had.

Overall the game is fun, but that limitation of local only is an absolute kicker. I can only recommend this game if you just adore physics based punishment or you have local people to play it with. The experience and content will age quickly when sitting on your own, cursing ball of rice for not doing what it’s damn told. I give Brunch club a 5.5/10.

For transparency the code reviewed was supplied by the publisher.

Brunch Club is also available on Steam, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch.

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  • 5.5/10
    Overall - 5.5/10



  • Bright and cartoon like graphics
  • Pretty good controls
  • Amount of modes


  • Local only multiplayer
  • Solo interest won’t last long
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