July 1, 2022

Brawl – Nintendo Switch Review

Brawl is an action/party indie game developed by QubicGames, inspired by Bomber-Man. It shares many of the same characteristics, but also throws elements of horror into the game.

Brawl puts you into a world where all of your nightmares reside in the dark and dank emporium. Within this emporium are conspicuously blocky arenas that house a varied amount of creepy folk looking for supremacy by opening pathways in the arena to blow each other up. Proper timing and crossfire tactics will get you through each stage, just like Bomber-Man, but where Brawl tries to set itself apart is in the creepy characters, each having their own set of abilities to add yet more layers of complexity. It has many features reminiscent of a classic fighting game.

All in all, there are 8 characters ranging from the standard, creepy clown to a disturbing wrestler woman with a bloodied cloth bag over its head, with each character packing their own arsenal. These arsenals are quite uninspired, and are often forgotten about while trying to collect bomb upgrades.

This concept is also let down by klunky movement inside these dark and similar looking arenas making the game feel dodgy. This in turn makes you feel like you can never get truly skillful at playing this game.

The multiplayer is entirely done locally, which is a great thing to see in modern day games as it seems to be dying out. There are two modes, Sumo mode and Battle mode, which bears a strong resemblance to Splatoon, where you spread as much of your team’s paint over the arena.

For those not looking for this mostly multiplayer affair, there is a story mode which, like a fighting game, lets you choose from the creepy roster as you play through their separate stories. This time, you go through a level based system while the game’s attempts of seriousness are lost by the boring dialogue and the cheesy voice acting. Even more annoyingly, the game tries to shake things up by throwing in easy puzzles and boss battles.

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ABG's Verdict
  • 3.5/10
    Overall - 3.5/10


If you’re interested in a horror Bomber-man with awful movement and uninspired arenas then this might be for you but if you are looking to scratch the bomber-man itch, I’d say go for the switch’s Super Bomber-man R.

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