July 6, 2022

Bouncy Bob – Nintendo Switch Review

Indie game developer All Those Moments describes Bouncy Bob as an:

“Easy to learn, hard to master ONE BUTTON GAME with Quake 3 Arena like single mode and local multiplayer”

Lets find out if they deliver on this huge statement.

Bouncy Bob is a one button action game where you control Bob, a little guy who you control by holding a button in until the arrow that seemingly protrudes from the poor guys head points the direction you want to go and then you let go. You progress through the levels by jumping on the heads of the numerous enemies that inhabit the arena style stages, once you have killed enough enemies to gain the points required you move on to the next stage.

The games art style is kind of cool and has a fairly inoffensive sound design but nothing that would stand out among the many other indie games available on the Nintendo Switch. The game does have a reasonably informative tutorial mode and a local multiplayer mode for up to four players. The aim of multiplayer is to jump on each others head to score points and win, which could be fun with a few friends.

The controls of Bouncy Bob are simply just one button so you would think it would be easy to control, its not. The jump mechanic has a mind of its own making simple jumps from ledge to ledge a nightmare, sometimes he jumps high, sometimes he hops and I even tested it doing a big jump with a full stamina bar and every time he jumped a different height with no input difference from the player.

Even if the games one button system worked this Bouncy Bob would still be a game that feels more at home on a mobile phone, and even then it wouldn’t be a first choice on that platform. The game has no place on the Switch and is part of a seemingly growing problem on the Nintendo E-shop. Nintendo always meant a level of prestige but with the Switch it seems to be inundated with sub par mobile games and sometimes feels more like the Google Play store. You have to respect Nintendo supporting indie developers, but it has to be within reason.

Bouncy Bob is an uninspired mess of a game, even with its quirky art style the one button controls are broken and inconsistent at best. I spent six plus hours on this game and it was painful, multiplayer could of been a blast but because of the useless controls it was just frustrating and boring.

I really wanted to like this game but the broken jump mechanic (you only had one button to map!) made even the tutorial hard work. I will generously give this game two points for its art style and its multiplayer that could of been so good, they are literally the only two good things in this game, and one of them you can’t enjoy because of a fatally flawed jump button. If the developers fix this broken mechanic I would gladly review this game again as the multiplayer could of been a blast.

Bouncy Bob is the perfect example of a good idea badly executed and the awesome Quake 3 Arena and lacklustre Bouncy Bob should never be uttered in the same vain.

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  • 2/10
    Overall - 2.0/10


Bouncy Bob is a boring uninspired slog of a game that could of been saved by a promising multiplayer mode but due to the ridiculously flawed one button control gimmick it falls flat.

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