May 23, 2022

Bossgard Releases Today on Nintendo Switch, Be the Boss

Bossgard, the party-battle game where up to 5 players take on the boss releases on Nintendo Switch today.

Frantic battles of 1v2 up to 1v5, in an asymmetrical environment where you can play as the boss is a good twist in the party game genre, putting a fun spin on more team based PvP games like the disappointing Evolve or Dead by Daylight.

The trailer shows off a fantastic cast of wacky bosses to take control of.

YouTube player

These include Cube-with-demon-fleshlight-mouth, Evil Toast/Bread and Plunger Bastard… disclaimer (real names may vary).

Also a cool looking Devil Fortress with a laser eye, but that’s actually nowhere as weird comparatively.

Taking on these confusing and hilariously designed bosses are a team of Vikings of between 2 and 5, each kitted out with special abilities and varying types of weaponry.

Working as a team in Bossgard will be the key to victory as the team of Vikings will be able to buff attacks, heal each other in support roles and drop turrets to deal additional damage to the boss.

To sweeten the deal, Bossgard is actually on offer right now on the Nintendo eShop for £12.99, though the standard price will be £16.99, so snap it up quick.

Sourced from: Nintendo Life

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