May 27, 2022

According to the oracle that is Twitter—a new story DLC for Borderlands 3 is not that far away. Have a gander at this very strange tweet from Gearbox’s official twitter account.

The teaser sees Krieg, former Psycho turned Vault Hunter, in a classic lotus pose with an aura of zen about him. However, the serene colours playing behind him is somewhat offset with Krieg’s voice breaking in and out of his meditative state. The teaser ends with Krieg shouting “Perfect!”

The short video doesn’t really tell us more than that. We still don’t know how big of a role the murder-salad loving Psycho turned Vault Hunter has in the next DLC. Perhaps the entire DLC will be a trip down Kreig’s memories to discover how he ended up a Psycho. Or maybe it’s a redemption story of Krieg trying to better himself and finding inner peace. Who knows?

There will be a full reveal for the coming Borderlands 3 expansion on August 25. So stay tuned to see what the kind-hearted Psycho has in stores for us.

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