Blue Flame – A Must Play for Any Dark Souls Fan

Blue Flame – A Must Play for Any Dark Souls Fan

Blue Flame is a fast paced top-down action game set in a medieval fantasy world. You take the role of the last pyromancer and your objective is to restore order to a kingdom in which fires only emit cold. The game has been heavily influenced by the Dark Souls series as I found out after my chat with the games developer from Fox’s Sake Studio. Blue Flame is the love and passion of one man. The concept started approximately 5 years ago it has been in active development for the last 1.5 years.

The Story

After countless years of restless war as a last ditch effort King Gawain turned to his Archmage to help him turn the tides of battle. The Archmage created a spell that was never used before and unleashed it onto the Kingdom.

The war ended, but everything changed. Fires started to burn blue, emitting cold instead of warmth. Monsters arose from the ground, and soldiers lost their minds.

Hundreds of years after the Last Battle, a lone Pyromancer awoke on the battlefield. What the Pyromancer had was unseen in years: a fire with heat.

What is the Background to Blue Flame?

The idea for the game came when I was playing through Dark Souls and I was hunting down the Bond of a Pyromancer achievement. I thought it was a cool thing to use fire magic to defeat your enemies. Because of this the game’s original title was Bond of a Pyromancer and initially it was a platformer/sidescroller game, but I always found those games to be less grounded than topdown/third person games due to the fact that how high one can jump in a platformer. Because of this I switched to a topdown perspective.

Blue Flame is an interesting name for a game, what is the idea behind that?

I went with Blue Flame, because although it’s pretty accessible to everyone to see a blue flame (gas cookers for example) but when thinking about it in a game it becomes a bit contrary thing because in our minds a flame should be red.


As the game is heavily influenced by the Dark Souls series there will be minimal to no handholding. There is a brief tutorial that helps the player understand the controls of the game. The story unfolds as the player fights through the enemies and talk to NPCs.

Post launch there are plans to add free content updates to the game. These updates will expand the world and the story.

Blue Flame will be released on Steam on 29th January 2021. If you cannot wait that long to test it out, there is a demo available here

Source: Blue Flame

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