May 23, 2022

Bloodborne Remaster Coming For PS5 And PC?

A rumour has emerged claiming that From Software’s Bloodborne is currently being remastered for PS5 and PC. However, don’t get too excited since it is just a rumour and nothing has been confirmed yet.


The info comes from Nibbelion and Wario64. Both Nibbelion and Wario64 are well known for posting game-related rumours and leaks on their respective Twitter accounts. Both accounts linked to the same YouTube video, by PC Gaming Inquisition. PC Gaming Inquisition is a relatively small channel, yet he claims to have unreleased news about a possible Bloodborne remaster.

However, it seems like both Nibbelion and Wario64 are only going off the YouTuber’s word, as opposed to stating their own sources. Thus, don’t be surprised if the rumour turns out to be false. Then again, both Nibel and Wario64 are both reputable personalities, so their word does lend some credibility to the rumour.

Another Twitter account need CaseyExplosion also backed the rumour by claiming a “trusted source” had confirmed the remaster-rumor, for a $100 donation to charity. The details shared by CaseyExplosion confirms everything PC Gaming Inquisition talks about in his video.

What changes will the remaster bring?

What can we expect from the remaster then? Well, if the remaster is actually coming to Ps5 and PC we can expect faster loading times, improved textures and character models, and some quality-of-life updates. Polish companies Bluepoint and QLOC are reportedly in charge of the remaster. Bluepoint and QLOC did the Dark Souls remaster, as we all know.

A release date is yet to be announced. CaseyExplosion claims that there is a date set but failed to give us anything more specific. PC Gaming Inquisition merely says that the Bloodborne remaster will come “soon”.

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