May 19, 2022

Blizzard Are Happy For You To Teabag Sleeping Foes In Overwatch

Ana from Overwatch

If you’ve ever played as Ana in Overwatch, you’ll know the feeling well.

You hit a naughty sleep dart on the flanking Tracer or Genji who’ve been harassing you all game. Then you walk lazily over to their sleeping figure and do a victorious ‘tactical crouch’ over their snoozing body. After a few seconds of this, it’s time to finish them off.

Oh, the pure joy! The satisfaction! There’s nothing quite like it.

However, a recent patch released by Blizzard seemingly changed the mechanics of sleep dart to rule out this kind of teabagging. Hitboxes now retain their usual upward extension while prone, meaning that other players can’t walk over them while they’re asleep.

Of course, players picked up on this immediately. Many speculated that this was a move by Blizzard to try and reduce supposed toxicity within the Overwatch community.

That seems a bit silly. Look, we know that teabagging can be annoying. But are we really going to eliminate this kind of showboating from gaming by changing player hitboxes?

Professional Overwatch League players often teabag opponents, arguing that (aside from the obviously comic results) this is a part of the mind games they play with other teams.

It’s just a bug guys, don’t panic!

Teabagging Ana players can rest assured! Overwatch dev Matt Whited confirmed that this is a bug. Whited responded to a thread on the Blizzard forum, saying:

Thanks for the report. We’ll have a fix for this with the next release.

After reading about the queer history of teabagging, this comes as a huge relief. We should be fighting to keep gaming inclusive. But teabagging is just part of the fun.

As Street Fighter V pro Leah “Gllty” Hayes says:

There is a lot of work to be done, but I don’t really feel teabagging is a rotten root at the center of obstructing higher rates of gender inclusivity.

Teabag away, fellow Ana players.

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