Black Legend Final Trailer and Release Date

Black Legend Final Trailer and Release Date

Warcave yesterday released a trailer for their upcoming Black Legend. For those of you unfamiliar, we don’t blame you, the only other game to their name is War Party which received a mediocre response upon release.

Announced in September 2020, Black Legend has just dropped it’s final trailer before release along with a date; March 25th. But what is Black Legend? The aesthetic is very reminiscent of Greedfall, although it is a fantastical story, don’t expect some of the creatures you encountered on Teer Fradee. Black Legend is very much a human story and setting. The gameplay itself bares a similarity with other turn based games such a Divinity: Original Sin. Curiously the trailer only mentions PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, although it is slated to come to next gen consoles. We will see if and when this is the case.

Within the accursed city of Grant, you will lead your squad of mercenaries in resistance against a fanatical regime. You’ll have to piece together stories from the survivors you encounter and build up your allies with multiple classes, equipment and characters. Before ultimately trying to eradicate the madness-inducing fog that ravages the city.

Grim story. Check. Customisable team. Check. Fun strategy gameplay. Check. We’re in.

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