May 28, 2022

Black Desert Is Getting Cross-Play On PS4 And Xbox One

Pearl Abyss have announced that MMO Black Desert will be getting cross-play servers on console.

Xbox One and PS4 players will now be able to adventure together for the first time from 8th March.

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Though this update isn’t compulsory and you can still choose to play on platform-exclusive servers.

You will be able to play the PvP modes Conquest War and Node War on the new cross-play servers on 8th March.

This is to celebrate the cross-play update with players invited to test out the new servers and check out the other new changes from the latest update.

Weapon Boxes Available

The new in game activities will give players the chance to obtain the Cliff and Awakening weapon boxes.

These boxes can be acquired by completing special quests, with additional rewards available by locating treasure chests in the ocean.

The PS4 edition will also be receiving the Archer and Kamasylvia classes with the new update.

Discounts Galore!

To encourage you to get involved Black Desert will also be discounted on both platforms.

Black Desert will be 25% off on Playstation and 50% if you are a PS Plus member.

With in game pearls also discounted to 10% and 20% if you have PS Plus.

The Playstation offers are available until 18th March.

Whilst on Xbox the game is 50% off with 20% off in game pearls.

Black Desert is also currently available with Xbox Gamepass!

Sourced from: Gamespot

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