July 5, 2022

Bioware Tease Dragon Age 4 Announcement


With Dragon Age fans celebrating the series’ anniversary this week, Bioware’s official Twitter page dropped a not-so-subtle hint that we will be get some more information about Dragon Age 4 December 4th.

We haven’t seen anything of Dragon Age 4 since the the 2018 Game Awards teaser. With December 4th unofficially known as Dragon 4ge Day, it seems like the perfect time for new for some DA4 news.

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Bioware have had a tumultuous few years. Mass Effect: Andromeda was released to such ridicule, that internal response was to ensure that their next release, Athem, would be “unmemeable”. That didn’t quite work out…

Considering their relationship with studio serial killers, EA, fans of the studio are understandably concerned about its long-term future.

It’s fair to say that Dragon Age 4 currently represents the last bastion of hope for beleaguered Bioware fans.

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