July 3, 2022

Bioware Promises Continued Support for Anthem Amid Staff Reshuffle

It’s fair to say that Bioware’s newest IP, Anthem, experienced a turbulent launch. It’s currently the studios’ lowest-rated game, the player-base is dwindling, and the roadmap has been delayed as the studio is focused on fixing bugs. The game has now lost its executive and lead producers, Mark Darrah and Micheal Gamble.

This has led to speculation that support for the game may be on the decline. The rumours gained sufficient traction that Bioware’s head of Live Services, Chad Robertson, tweeted to restate the company’s commitment the game. This was reiterated by Micheal Gamble.

So, support for Anthem is not declining. While the game continues to hit speed bumps and post-launch content delays, the current expectation is that Anthem will have a ten-year cycle of content.

It’s likely that Darrah and Gamble have moved over to Bioware’s next massive title, Dragon Age 4. However, not much is known about the game other than last year’s E3 teaser.

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Sources: PCGamer.com

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