BioWare Giving Anthem VIP Demo Participants A Free Skin After Rocky Weekend

BioWare Giving Anthem VIP Demo Participants A Free Skin After Rocky Weekend

With the Anthem VIP Demo coming to a close today, it is no secret that there were a fair few issues. The most notable of which being players not being able to log in, infinite loading screens and EA matchmaking in general being negatively affected. As an apology to players for the various bugs hampering the demo experience, another free Vinyl will be given to players who participated in the VIP Demo on top of the one that was originally promised.

Despite all these problems, the gameplay itself seems to be a hit with many popular streamers as well as players. The variety in weapons, abilities and javelins offers the opportunity to try out extremely varied play-styles and to just feel awesome.

On top of this, despite the technical difficulties of the demo, the Anthem team were extremely transparent with daily updates about bugs and issues and whether or not they had been resolved.

Lastly, seperate from the demo, Mike Gamble announced via Twitter that Anthem will indeed have a social space called the Launch Bay. The fan outcry for a social space seemed to stem from the main story hub, Fort Tarsis, being a strictly single player zone and the fact that BioWare are willing to listen and implement something such as this, and talk about it before release, speaks volumes in my opinion about the value they place on their community.

With the Demo only having been playable over the weekend, it’ll be very interesting to see what the consensus is after the open demo coming up on February 1st – 3rd and the full release on February 22nd. Both of which are getting ever closer.

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