May 22, 2022

Biomutant Update Fixes More Wrongs, Doubles Level Cap

Let the fluff hit the fan

THQ Nordic and Experiment 101’s RPG Biomutant has another update available.

This time around, the update [1.5] fixes a whole-host of various issues and complaints.

It also doubles the game’s level cap, from 50 up to 100! Here is a run-down of some of the updates 1.5 implements;

“PC Specific” Issues

  • New “Field of View Type” setting added. Allows to choose between horizontal and vertical FOV
  • Fixed a crash when temporarily losing contact with the GPU


  • Level cap increased from 50 to 100

Items & Loot

  • More “superb” loot variations
  • Higher tier relic and legendary weapon parts added – will drop from Level 50 onwards
  • Loot generation updated to provide more variation
  • Added “scrap action” to loot screen
  • Added a setting to hide or show worn-head items


  • New visual setting added; “HUD > Mode”. Allows the option to choose between “ALWAYS SHOW” or “DYNAMIC” HUD. Dynamic option hides the persistent UI elements shortly after leaving combat

Dialogue & Narrator

  • Fixed issues where Conscience’s voice(s) was disabled when using the setting “DIALOGUES > Narrator”
  • Changed frequency of Narrator’s line, “Just a few moves left… make them count”


  • Optional lock-on targeting for melee combat added
  • Using the dodge function can now cancel some attack animations
  • Smaller enemies can now throw rocks at mounted player
  • Mounted player can now be knocked off when hit
  • The player’s mount can now flee during combat

Note; Experiment 101 has implemented a lot more fixes than what is listed here. It’s great to see that Experiment 101 is quickly implementing these updates. It shows that there is a lot of love for Biomutant from the devs. The full list of what is included in Biomutant Update 1.5 can be found here. The update is currently [as of the time of press] live on PlayStation and Steam. An update for Xbox and Origin will be live in the coming days.

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