May 28, 2022

Binding of Isaac: Repentance coming to Consoles

Terrorise a small child more?? Count me in!

Nicalis, Inc‘s Binding of Isaac will have its most recent expansion come to consoles later this year. Repentance will see Isaac venture into the basement for his greatest challenges yet. You’ll encounter horrible new enemies and bosses to haunt your nightmares and all new weapon combos to test out on them. There will be over eight new levels, 100 new enemies and 25 more bosses, as well as 130 new weapons and items to combo. And you’ll be able to use the additional characters in local four player co-op.

Nicalis announced that the final chapter (available on PC today – 31/03/2021) would be coming to PS4, PS5 and Switch quarter 3 2021. No word on an Xbox version. Additionally, you’ll be able to pick up a physical PS5 and Switch version at release. So, are you looking forward to spending more time with a crying child fighting off nightmares?

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