May 16, 2022

Billy Mitchell, Former Donkey Kong Record-Holder, Suing Over Erased Legacy

Whether you know his name or not, Billy Mitchell is in the spotlight again. This time, it’s in regards to Twin Galaxies removing Mitchell’s Donkey Kong arcade high-score.

Billy Mitchell, the ousted Donkey Kong arcade champion, is suing after being stripped of his record.

Back in 2018, Twin Galaxies announced that Mitchell “did not achieve his Donkey Kong high scores on unmodified arcade hardware” – via Ars Technica.

Since then, Mitchell has made it his goal to fight the decision any which way he could. Evidently, that has now lead to him suing Twin Galaxies.

Mitchell’s case claims that Twin Galaxies was “libellous” in its statement. He goes on to claim that Twin Galaxies “at least implied” that Mitchell cheated.

Twin Galaxies, in its defence, has stated how it has not defamed Mitchell. Furthermore, the company noted that, if the court ruled in Mitchell’s favour, it “would have chilling effects on the freedom of speech”.

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The case is a good read, if you don’t mind really nerdy conversation. It’s an interesting case, as Mitchell set the record some 35 years ago. Do you think Twin Galaxies is correct in its declaration that a loss would have untold effects on the freedom of speech? Let us know in the comments below.

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