July 5, 2022

Bigger, Better, Escape-ier

Prison Architect: Console Edition Gets Its Own Escape Mode With Exclusive Content in 2018

Publisher Double Eleven, in partnership with developer Introversion Software, have today announced Prison Architect’s Escape Mode, coming as a brand-new DLC for Xbox One and PS4. The Escape Mode DLC follows the earlier All Day and a Night and Psych Ward expansions.

The award-winning game’s upcoming Escape Mode content will be available to purchase in 2018, with more details to follow in the new year.

The Double Eleven version of the Escape Mode DLC will be based on the well-loved mode for the PC version of the game from Introversion, where players can take on the role of an inmate and attempt to escape the prisons built by themselves and others. The DLC will expand on those mechanics for the Prison Architect console community, as well as adding new content.

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