May 22, 2022

Bethesda’s Starfield Will Feature Over 150,000 Lines of Dialogue

Todd Howard announces that Starfield will have the most dialogue of any Bethesda title to date, besting both Skyrim and Fallout 4 comfortably


Despite being more than a year away, the hype surrounding Starfield is palpable. Bethesda, and now Microsoft of course have been particularly tight lipped on infomation on the new IP and details on the RPG are notably scarce. But now at least we get a sense of the scale of the ambition. Starfield will have “over 150,000 lines of dialogue.”

Of course, there was only one man that could let such a delectably tantalising titbit slip. The man, the meme, Todd Howard himself. He let this one out during Tokyo Game Show 2021, in the middles of the Xbox Live Stream which also confirmed a full Japanese translation of the space-set RPG.

According to Howard, over 300 actors have gifted their voices to Starfield. What’s more according to Bethesda Game Studio, this will be the “largest translation ever”.

Of course, a small game could be translated a number of times, falsely conveying content or length. But we doubt this is the case with Starfield. It’s just not the Bethesda way. By way of comparison, Fallout 4 had 111,000 lines of dialogue. Better yet, the much ported Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had just 60,000.

Starfield certainly looks the part from what we’ve seen so far, but how far can Bethesda’s tired Creation Engine really be pushed?

Amid the claims, Howard was quick to point out that Starfield would be Bethesda’s “first new gaming universe in over 25 years”. Of course, we wish that it would also utilise the first new engine in as many years. So as much as it is exciting that one of the most artfully adept RPG writers is tackling new ground, it might be with the same graphical, eh hem, idiosyncrasies that we enjoy this welcome break from Elder Scrolls.

Sadly, this announcement from the Todd was not accompanied with any new gameplay footage. But with a launch date pencilled in for November 2022, at just over a year away it can’t be long before we get a peek.

The other slight sting in the tail is that Starfield will be the first release from Bethesda exclusive to Microsoft. Of course, after spending $7.5b on the acquisition, it’s hardly a surprise move from Microsoft. But a pity nonetheless, and a trend that shows no signs of abating as this console generation matures.

Source; Game Watcher

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