Bethesda Reveal DOOM Based Vodka Drink

Bethesda Reveal DOOM Based Vodka Drink

Bethesda Game Studios has unveiled their latest video-game-inspired drink to the world. And this time, it’s of a hard-alcoholic variety.

Taking to their UK Twitter account, Bethesda announced the upcoming “DOOM Bone Vodka.” The drink has been made in partnership with Rebel Distillers.

Whilst the Tweet doesn’t give too much away, there is a link present to pre-order the drink.

Retailing for £45, Rebel will ship to anywhere in the UK, EU, or Australia. No word yet on if any other markets will be receiving this novelty drink.

Rebel marketed the drink as follows;

“DOOM is a world of flames and demons, a barbecue pit of action. This world first vodka, using bones sourced from world famous butchers ‘The Ginger Pig’ –

If Hell created vodka….

How do you drink? However you damn well like, but to luge it ice cold through a bone always impresses. “

There’s no news yet on when exactly the drink will ship, but, with DOOM Eternal being released in November, that is probably a safe bet.

This is not the first time that Bethesda has released a drink inspired by their IP. Cast your mind back a few years, to celebrate Fallout 4, Americans could pick up a bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum from their local Target store. And before that, there was the officially-licensed Fallout beer available via Amazon.

Yes, merchandising has always been high on Bethesda’s list of priorities. For better, or for worse. And, if you’re interested in purchasing the DOOM vodka, please enjoy responsibly.

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