Bethesda Game Studios Announce Fallout 76

Bethesda Game Studios Announce Fallout 76

So after the shock post and teaser from yesterday we didn’t have to wait long for the official teaser trailer announcing a brand new Fallout game.

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So we can see that Vault 76 looks abandoned but well lived in and the teaser shows just one resident.

Another Sole Survivor?

Vault 76 is one of the 17 different Control Vaults built by Vault-Tec Corporation. These are the few vaults within which no experiments took place. They were built as intended to protect the population inside. This particular vault is apparently located in Washington DC, which would make it in the same location as Fallout 3. However, I believe it is more likely to be set in Virginia considering the music in the trailer. Interestingly though, these control vaults were set to open 25 years after the bombs fell which would mean it’s set 200 years before the events of Fallout 3 according to the Fallout website.

I’m sure Bethesda will have more to unveil at E3 later this month but for now, please stand by….

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