Bethesda Compensate Fallout 76 Theft Victims – and Then Some!

Bethesda Compensate Fallout 76 Theft Victims – and Then Some!

A not-so-festive bug plagued Fallout 76 PC players last month. I know, shock horror. However, this bug did more than just muck up the game for players.

A few reported ne’er-do-wells took it upon themselves to exploit the bug and steal loot from other players. By which I mean, they could open up other player’s inventory and take anything and everything they wanted to.

Yeah, Pretty Bad Bug, That One.

Anyways, whilst it had, initially, been a horrible season for the victims, perennial good guys of the gaming industry Bethesda helped those players out. Something in that sentence isn’t right, but I’m not quite sure what.

Moving on, Bethesda has reportedly not only reimbursed the lost items but given the victims more besides as recompense. According to a Fallout 76 subreddit, some managers were able to clone earlier versions of the victim’s characters. In doing so, all of the stolen items could be replaced.

Bethesda’s time-travelling hack may have worked a little too well, however. In some cases, they actually doubled up on certain item’s stock. Alongside this, Bethesda has also given out free Atoms – Fallout 76‘s in-game microtransaction currency.

One Reddit user wrote;

“Bethesda sent me an email today not only saying I would be getting back a 100% of the items I lost but will also be given 8250 atoms. Way above and beyond what I expected. […] Good on you Bethesda”.


The status of players Fallout 1st subscription seems to have a link to those 8,250 Atoms. Players were given five months or three months worth of Atoms, dependent on the player’s subscription status. For reference sake, Fallout 1st gives players 1,650 Atoms per month.

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So, for once, a Fallout 76 bug has had a happy ending. Maybe Bethesda can turn this game around. What, I said “maybe”.

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