May 28, 2022

Bethesda Closing Down PC Launcher, Moves to Steam Exclusively

Sunset in the Wasteland

Bethesda will close its PC launcher in May.

The closure will see the Elder Scrolls and Fallout publisher migrate over to Steam.

From April, users will be able to move their library of games (and outstanding wallet funds) over as well.

As well as games and account currencies, Bethesda notes “many games will also have their saves migrated. However, a few require some manual transfers”. Meaning that you – should – be able to go from to Steam and carry on from where you left off.


On the upside, a fairly comprehensive series of FAQs have been answered by Bethesda on the above link. Bethesda has also added a “Next Steps” section to let users know what their next move should be.

The good news for any user in the immediate future is that you will still be able to use it until it closes.

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