Best Roguelike Games To Play on the Steam Deck

Best Roguelike Games To Play on the Steam Deck

I am fortunate enough to have acquired a Steam Deck and I immediately wanted to play the best games that I can play on it. I have a HUGE Wishlist on Steam and I am eager to start smashing my way through it with this bad boy. BUT… not every game I want to play (at the moment) is playable on the Steam Deck.

So it started me thinking, I cannot be the only one searching through the catalogues working out what to play. So I thought I would put together a series of articles (and videos) that highlight some of the best games to play on the Steam Deck. We start with Roguelikes, Roguelites.

The Binding of Isaac – Rebirth

When Isaac’s mother starts hearing the voice of God demanding a sacrifice be made to prove her faith, Isaac escapes into the basement facing droves of deranged enemies, lost brothers and sisters, his fears, and eventually his mother.

The Binding of Isaac – Rebirth is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy roguelike elements.

Players will accompany Isaac on a quest to escape his mother. Facing off against droves of mysterious creatures, discovering secrets, and fighting fearsome bosses. Along the way, Isaac can find bizarre treasures that change his form and give him super-human abilities. But it won’t be easy!

Rebirth is the remake of the original game developed and published by Nicalis, Inc. Did I mention the poop?


Hades developed and published by SuperGiant Games.

It is a god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler that combines the best aspects of Supergiant’s critically acclaimed titles, including the fast-paced action of Bastion, the rich atmosphere and depth of Transistor, and the character-driven storytelling of Pyre.

As the immortal Prince of the Underworld, you’ll wield the powers and mythic weapons of Olympus to break free from the clutches of the god of the dead himself. At the same time growing stronger and unravelling more of the story with each unique escape attempt.

You do have a little assistance along the way from The Olympians! Meet Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and many more, and choose from their dozens of powerful Boons that enhance your abilities. There are thousands of viable character builds to discover as you go.

Hades is built for replayability. New surprises await each time you delve into the ever-shifting Underworld, whose guardian bosses will remember you. Use the powerful Mirror of Night to grow permanently stronger, and give yourself a leg up the next time you run away from home.

The rich, atmospheric presentation and unique melding of gameplay and narrative that’s been core to Supergiant’s games is here in full force. Spectacular hand-painted environments and a blood-pumping original score bring the Underworld to life.

Enter The Gungeon

My third entry is Enter the Gungeon.

It is a bullet hell dungeon crawler following a band of misfits seeking to shoot, loot, dodge roll and table-flip their way to personal absolution by reaching the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure: the gun that can kill the past. Select a hero (or team up in co-op) and battle your way to the bottom of the Gungeon. You must survive challenging and evolving series of floors filled with the dangerously adorable Gundead and fearsome Gungeon bosses armed to the teeth. Gather precious loot, discover hidden secrets, and chat with opportunistic merchants and shopkeepers to purchase powerful items to gain an edge.

Enter the Gungeon is a constantly evolving bullet hell fortress. It elegantly blends meticulously hand-designed rooms within a procedurally-generated labyrinth bent on destroying all that enter its walls. But beware, the Gungeon responds to even the most modest victory against its sentries and traps by raising the stakes and the challenges found within!

Discover and unlock scores of uniquely fantastic guns to annihilate all that oppose you in the Gungeon. Each carrying their own unique tactics and ammunition. Unleash everything from the tried and true medley of missiles, lasers, and cannonballs to the bizarrely effective volley of rainbows, fish, foam darts, and bees! I cannot believe they chose bees! I personally would have gone with wasps! Wasps are the devils spawn!

Enter the Gungeon is developed by Dodge Roll and Published by Devolver Digital.

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Video footage of the games mentioned in this article that can be played on the Steam Deck

Have A Nice Death

Have a Nice Death. Developed by Magic Design Studios,and published by Gearbox Publishing.

It is a hand-drawn 2D Action Rogue-Lite where you play as Death, Founder and CEO of Death Incorporated. This is a sprawling corporate empire that processes souls for the afterlife. However Death currently finds himself teetering on the edge of burnout. His top executives, the Sorrows, have been running rampant on Earth’s surface. Blatantly ignoring company protocols, leaving him buried in an underworld-sized mountain of paperwork. Now, in order to regain control of his company and soul-ply chain, (see what they did there?)as well as secure a much-needed vacation, he will need to traverse the various departments of Death Incorporated and remind his unruly subordinates who’s boss.

Discover and explore the darkly-charming, procedurally-generated departments of Death Inc. Where you’ll meet a diverse cast of memorable characters such as: your affable pumpkin-headed assistant, Pump Quinn, who are always willing to share the latest office gossip.

Sharpen your skills (and scythe) through fast-paced hack n’ slash combat. Utilizing over 30 unique weapons and spells you can find and upgrade to create devastating combinations.

Taking more power for yourself is a controversial move in Death Incorporated’s company culture. For instance, adopting a Curse upgrade for yourself might result in the Labor Inspector granting your subordinates enhanced powers, or worse, raising the cost of koffee and other items that are vital to your work output.

Since Death can’t die, use what you’ve learned and earned to overcome the numerous minions and bosses in each department of Death Incorporated… over and over. A performance review after every run guarantees that you’ll unlock interesting items and upgrades that will help you progress on your journey.

Risk of Rain 2

My final entry is Risk of Rain 2

It is the sequel to the classic multiplayer roguelike Risk of Rain. It is developed by Hopoo Games and published once again by Gearbox Publishing.

Risk of Rain 2 follows the crew of UES: Safe Travels as they try to find UES: Contact Light and any survivors along their path. They have to try and survive the hostile wildlife and environment as difficulty increases over time, navigating Petrichor V via the teleporters strewn across the entire planet. The crew loop endlessly through many distinct environments, but end upon the moon to defeat the final boss.

Over a dozen handcrafted locales await, each packed with challenging monsters and enormous bosses that oppose your continued existence. Fight your way to the final boss and escape or continue your run indefinitely to see just how long you can survive. A unique scaling system means both you and your foes limitlessly increase in power over the course of a game.

More than 110 items keep each run fresh and full of new challenge. The more items you collect, the more their effects combine, the more surprising some of those combinations might be. The more items you encounter, the more lore (and strategy) you’ll discover through the logs.

Unlock a crew of eleven playable survivors, each with their own unique combat style and alternate skills to master. Learn the secrets of the Artifacts to toggle gameplay modifiers like friendly fire, random survivor spawns, item selection and more. With randomized stages, enemies, and items, no run will ever be the same.

Tackle the adventure solo or with up to three friends in online co-op, or compete in the rotating challenge of the Prismatic Trials.

And finally…

There you go, here are five games that I think are worth checking out for your Steam Deck and they all have that all important tick which means that they are a great experience for you to enjoy on this beautiful device.

Do let me know in the comments what you think to my selection and if there are any other games that you think are worthy of a mention for enjoying on the Steam Deck.

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