Beneath Oresa Playable Demo Available For Download On Steam Today

Beneath Oresa Playable Demo Available For Download On Steam Today

Indie game development studio Broken Spear has just released a playable demo on Steam for its 3D roguelike deckbuilding game Beneath Oresa, as well as a new trailer showing the first gameplay. The team will be providing hands-on playtime with the game in Boston at this week’s PAX East, starting this Thursday, April 21 through Sunday, April 24 on Booth # 16096 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. First announced in November of last year, the Beneath Oresa playable demo can be downloaded for free on Steam.

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Leveraging its 3D nature, Beneath Oresa combines RPG deckbuilding and “spatial’ fighting – the combat is influenced by the proximity between characters, with Mobius or European cartoon-inspired visuals for a modern experience. The Broken Spear team built upon some of their favorite features from other popular card-based roguelike games, adding complexity to the gameplay and elevating the aesthetics. The game’s card upgrade system is also focused on a forked path of tough choices that each come with a detrimental cost or tactical decision.Key Features:

  • Fully 3D with a spatial combat system
  • Mobius-inspired art style
  • Multiple Factions or card pools, each with 3 uniquely powered heroes.
  • Companion System – choose a second hero and their skill set to accompany you
  • Forked “Cornelian dilemma” card upgrade system
  • Fully generated runs, allowing for longer game sessions (30;45 min) and greater replayability

“Since we announced Beneath Oresa last Fall, the roguelike deckbuilding genre has continued to grow in popularity, which demonstrates there are many fans like us looking for this type of game,” said Renaud Bartens, creative director at Broken Spear. “While there have been some advancements in the graphics or features, we haven’t yet seen anyone the same evolutionary paths we’ve taken, so we are excited to actually get the game in players’ hands so they can try it for themselves.”

Beneath Oresa is slated to release in Early Access on PC later this year, with other platforms to follow. The game can be wish-listed and the demo can be downloaded now on Steam. For more information or to sign up for development updates, please visit

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