Belgium is Failing to Uphold Loot Box Law Enforcement

Belgium is Failing to Uphold Loot Box Law Enforcement

According to a report by Leon Y Xiao, Belgium is failing to enforce its ban on loot boxes within video games.

Back in 2018, the Belgian Gaming Commission made a recommendation for criminal prosecution over the implementation of loot boxes.

Xiao’s research into it, however, suggests that many companies have ignored the ruling;

“Although the initial imposition of this measure promoted public discussion and debate both domestically and internationally, an unenforced ‘ban’ has many negative consequences, including giving consumers, parents, and policymakers a false sense of security and allowing non-compliant games to replace games that have been removed from the national market by more socially responsible companies”.

Furthermore, the measures meant to be used to make companies comply with the law were found to be easily overcome.

Xiao also found that, of the 100 highest-grossing iPhone games in Belgian, 82 were found to contain loot boxes.

As such, Xiao recommends that the law should be reconsidered and reworked as it simply isn’t working.

Interestingly, a number of companies in the Netherlands have recently signed a petition to bring in laws to combat loot boxes that are similar to those seen in Belgium.

Hopefully, if it comes to pass, these laws will be upheld.