Battlerite Royale – First impressions

Battlerite Royale – First impressions

Before you say Battlerite Royale is “just another battle royale game,” the game delivers a unique experience to the genre. Combining the top-view, skillshot-based action of a MOBA game and the survival loot-all that is battle royale, you are left with Battlerite Royale.

You may already be familiar with Stunlock Studio‘s team arena brawler, Battlerite Arena, which came out early November 2017. And, if you are, this game may or not be a disappointment to you.

Some Battlerite Arena players were expecting an update to the original game that included the battle royale mode to help drive players back. Instead, Stunlock decided to release the game separately, and rather than being free-to-play like its predecessor, there is a $20 price tag on the game. This has caused some negativity in the Battlerite community. To be fair, Stunlock has stated that Battlerite Royale will be a free-to-play title after Early Access. You will also receive all current and future heroes for free if you purchase Early Access.

The basics

30 players fall from a Wyvern in the sky to collect skills and loot to aid you in becoming the last champion standing. You will need to use your skills, intuition, and map knowledge to increase your chances of survival. Fight your way to the smallest circle and claim victory.

There are 20 different heroes to choose from, all with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Players can choose from melee or ranged heroes, each possessing support classes. The balancing so far is average, but I feel ranged combatants have a slight edge in 1v1 fights. This isn’t always the case, and it comes down to your power level and skill.

Talon Island is a vast map; 30x more massive than any Battlerite Arena map. Adequate for 30 players, the map is a beautiful setting for the chaos. Players will destroy loot orbs on the map to gain skills and items. Everything from potions, spells, turrets, traps, various power-ups, and even a barrel disguise can be looted. Want to get around faster? You can ride your mount for a nice speed increase. Players can also pick up carrots to feed their mount to make them go faster.

How’s the gameplay?

The controls in this game are smooth. WASD movement makes a return from the original game, and it delivers a superior change in my ability to manoeuvre your character. No longer do you have the burden of juggling skill shots AND movement with clicks. Every key is re-bindable which is nice if you are a left-handed gamer or have a specific setup you prefer.

Combat is exciting, and everything I love about MOBA games. Every kill feels like an accomplishment and pumps you up for the next encounter. One thing I like is your enemies username is visible, so when you kill them, you know who you took out. I quickly grew fond of the hero Thorn. His normal attack has a hooking ability on the third hit that grabs enemies and pulls them towards you. Then I would be able to stun the enemy with one of my skills and go to town. I feel better getting kills and wins in this game than regular tower defending modes or arena fighting. I also don’t feel as bad when I lose either, as the games last less than 15 minutes.

What’s different?

Battlerite Royale has introduced a power level system. The power level system is designed as a gear score to give you a feel for your opponents’ combat capability. Your skills and items provide you with power level points according to rarity.

1 point = Common (Green)
2 point = Rare (Blue)
3 point = Epic (Purple)
4 point = Legendary (Orange)

This means if you run into another player with a much higher power level than you, you positively want to get out of there.

What about loot boxes?

Loot boxes are apart of the game, and while I am normally against them, so far it is easy enough to earn in-game currency to buy boxes. I could play 2-3 games and get 1-2 boxes from leveling up, challenges, and just playing the game. What I’m most happy about is the price of the boxes do not go up in price the more you buy. You will also unlock hero specific boxes the more you play. Diamonds are offered for purchase that can be spent on particular skins, poses, or other cosmetic items if you want to bypass the loot box luck. There are no pay-to-win microtransactions in Battlerite Royale.

In conclusion

It all sounds so good, but what’s the catch? Well, there is one, but how significant it is, is another question. Battlerite Royale feels and looks like it should have been a game type for Battlerite Arena. It’s the same heroes, same graphics, just with a better UI. Does this take away from the fun of the game though? Absolutely not. Battlerite Royale has filled a void I have wanted for so long. Short, explosive MOBA action that keeps you coming back for more.

You can pickup Battlerite Royale on Steam for $20. There is currently a 10% off discount active as well.

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