July 3, 2022

Battlefield’s Newest DLC Will Mean A Fight For Your Life…

That’s right, folks… Our long awaited Apocalypse Is Here.

The fourth and final DLC for Battlefield 1 is here. Everything that Battlefield 1 is about – it contains. It includes large maps, historical weapons, and y’know what? It brings that fear, we all know the one. The one that creeps over us, and slowly makes you think that it’ll be your last fight.

Similar to its predecessors, Apocalypse brings new maps and a mixture of game modes.

Sick Of Fighting From The Ground? Try Air Assault.

Take control of our skies again, and don’t let the enemy overthrow you. Air Assault is a game mode in which every player is situated within a plane. Three infantry maps bring an essence of the format that our beloved Battlefield 1 team used over the course of the game.

Out of the infantry maps, the first is Passchendaele. Dark, desolate in a ruined mess of black, and charcoaled green, toxic gases and fire have run its course through the trenched wastelands. Teams start from opposite ends of the map, and must dominate and capture points that will determine the winner – similar to the Domination game modes within Call Of Duty.

Battlefield 1 maps leaves room for you to be more refined in your gameplay, or more strategised. This is why Galicia, Albion, and Fao Fortress provide us with a large batteground, so you can delve into the twists and turns of the map adopting an SAS style gameplay, stealthily navigating your way through, or go at it all guns blazing (I know what I’d like to do, I’m not the best at sneaking though!)

Passchendaele is the opposite of that. It’s a endless ordeal, bringing destruction and death to those who meet its plains.

Cry Me A River

Now. The next map – River Somme – is a defend-attack map; a Conquest Assault. Our brave defenders have no home, and are lacking a spawn. If the invaders take all the capture points, the defenders’ battle will be over. Each team knows what’s to gain, or lose, so expect tensions to run high too.

Taking point A, you’ll need to storm the shallow waters of the river to reach point B – a windmill. Or you go for some trenches, where point C is situated. Stiffen those back bones – No Man’s Land is calling. Navigate your way across the desecrated wastelands to a hill, littered with trenches, where you’ll find point D.

Caporetto, Not Cornetto!

Caporetto. The final map. Well.. What’s there to say? Being another Conquest Assault map, it fails to bring to the table any of the feelings that the other two do. Our attacking team in this map will crash through a mountain pass, and down the hill towards the enemy, waiting in the depths below. With the emerge point for the attacking team being in a mountain pass, it’s relatively easy for the opposing team to spawn trapped on the map, or trapped within the covers of point A, so run for cover, and watch for those snipers.

This map is seemingly designed to appeal to those who love sniping and hiding in those unexpected places, waiting in the shadows. Each route through the map is left uncovered and open, which means that you could lose your head. Now, the steep slope in the map provides a lot of cover, but yet it is still hard to place yourself effectively behind it. In the Battlefield 1 maps, it’s proves to be an unusual problem, but yet is more prominent in Caporetto than it is within Monte Grappa, a map which was originally launched with the game.

Now, while that concludes the what the new DLC entails, it doesn’t mean that this have to conclude here either. What do I mean by that, I hear you ask?

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Source: kotaku

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