July 3, 2022

Battlefield V December 4th Patch Delayed

The team at DICE has encountered an issue with the December 4th patch, Chapter 1: Overture and as a result has opted to delay the update. The team expects to share news on the 5th or as soon as they have it which will likely inform players of the new date for the update.

The December 4th patch has been eagerly awaited by players as it marks the beginning of the free post-launch content release schedule through what DICE is calling the Tides of War. As well as this, it aims to fix various bugs and specifically balance, with notable examples being a nerf to the extremely powerful KE7 and JU-88 bomber whilst also buffing the medic SMG’s across the board amongst other changes.

Ditching the premium model and moving towards free post-launch content has been an exciting and well received move by DICE. And while this is a move the fans have been crying out for, the game was delayed by a month from October 19th to November 20th. This potentially stoked criticism’s of the game, coupled with numerous bugs and balancing issues at launch, Battlefield V has been put in a slightly precarious position despite how solid it’s gameplay is.

While it’s unfortunate that such a major patch has been delayed, the game is still more than playable and extremely fun. Lets hope that the delay ensures a stable roll out of the update and that when the update finally does go live, that the game is in a far better place regarding balance and stability. Not to mention we will have the new map Panzerstorm with a heavy focus on vehicle combat as well as a new war story focusing on a German tank crew in “The Last Tiger.”

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