May 17, 2022

DICE Is Teasing The Release For Battlefield 6

EA revealed, last year that a new Battlefield game was in the making. And for the past few days, we’ve been getting more and more cryptic hints teasing a potential sequel.

It all started with the keen-eyed Twitter-user DANNYonPC noticing that the official Battlefield Twitter-account was gone.

Strange indeed. However, yesterday a new Twitter-account has appeared posting a teaser, hinting towards the release of Battlefield 6. The mysterious footage which first shows a glimpse of a tank. Then we can see the same numerical code that a DICE developer was tweeting out yesterday. And lastly, the trailer plays music that, when played backwards, reveals itself to be radio chatter from Battlefield 3.

Check it out for yourself down below, and see if you can figure out what is going on.

The official Battlefield Twitter-account is also back online throwing out some old footage from Battlefield 3. Are we going back to the modern-day era for this upcoming sequel? What do you think, let us know in the comments?

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