Battlefield 6 Reveal Coming Next Week

Battlefield 6 Reveal Coming Next Week

After a few leaked rumours, we’ve finally been given a date for a reveal trailer and a potential release date for the heavily anticipated Battlefield 6.

Announced via Twitter, a slick trailer was shown showing the reveal date for the next game which seems to be simply titled Battlefield. Check it out below!

I mean it’s really NOTHING to go on, but if leaks are to be believed, the game will be set in the modern-day and will have fully destructible environments, the likes and scale of which we as gamers have ever seen…so that’s something.

Battlefield 6
One of the leaked images seems to show an island setting and plenty of Osprey’s

The reveal will most likely include a release date for somewhere in Q3 (July-September) as this has already been confirmed by EA. Also possible is that we’ll get a more in depth look during EA Play, The EA E3 in July.

But for now, we’ll just have to make do with the reveal which is taking place on the 9th of June at 3pm GMT over on the Official Battlefield Youtube Channel. Check-in with ABG after the event for the reactions and breakdown!

Are looking forward to the next battlefield? what do you want to see in the next game? Let us know in the comments below.

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