Battlefield 2042 Screenshots and Cover Art Leaked Online

Battlefield 2042 Screenshots and Cover Art Leaked Online

Just moments prior to the big reveal at E3 yesterday, we got a sneak peek at the next Battlefiled instalment from DICE. If you’re interested in the reveal itself, then check out our write up here, which includes the cinematic reveal trailer. But we’re not here for the official details, we’re here for the leak.

And what a leak it is. Including details of the titles name, price and release date, this came to us via the Origin store itself. Shared by @Okami13_ on twitter, it also included the official Battlefield 2042 cover art, and a number of in game screen-grabs

Of course, we now know that the setting for the game will take place in (wait for it)…2042. But eager beavers will have spotted the clearly futuristic setting from the images shared prematurely by the Origin store. You can see for yourself below:

The leaked images tell tales of a bleak future soaked in the blood of children not yet born

The screenshots include an array of futuristic weaponry and vehicles, including a very snazzy looking wing-suit and soldiers adorned with digital head-gear. It all looks jolly impressive, but it’s hard not to draw parallels with 2014’s flawed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, or worse the universally despised follow-up, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Both games strayed too far beyond the traditional “boots on the ground” action for frequent fans of the series to tolerate, and paid the price in sales.

So too, it was revealed that Battlefield 2042 will not feature a campaign. This is a bold move indeed, and whilst DICE are boasting a massive 128 multiplayer mode, it will be an online only experience. Think what you will of campaign modes in the modern FPS genre, this has happened before, with disastrous effect. Just talk to the guys at Respawn following the reaction to Titanfall’s decision to do the same. Of course, Respawn more than redeemed themselves with the sequel, but it’s interesting the DICE have not headed the warning.

Either way, we now have the official steer from E3, and it’s definitely one to watch. But what do you think about Battlefiled 2042? Is this futuristic setting something that hits the mark, or does all that whizzing gadgetry detract from what could otherwise be an exceptional shooter? It’s all for grabs, so lets us know in the comments below.

Source: Twisted Voxel