May 16, 2022

Battleborn Servers Shut Down

Today marks the end of Battleborn. Lest we Forget.

Back in 2016 the idea of a hero shooter was still quite new. Rainbow Six Siege had been out a few months and Overwatch‘s launch was imminent. Although these two went on to much success, 2K’s entry; Battleborn unfortunately did not. And ultimately, after being pulled from digital sale in 2019 2K have finally shut down the Battleborn servers. Which is a real shame.

Although these days you can’t move without hitting another Hero shooter, at the time this was quite fresh. The game itself wasn’t bad and was actually reasonbly well received critically. And the game itself had a lot of personality, from the unique looking characters, to having a giant robot flip you off as you die. Unfortunately it ended up being a little too shallow compared to Overwatch upon its launch. And when Siege started really improving it fell far to the wayside despite some regular updates. But I will always have fond memories of my time with Battleborn.

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