July 3, 2022

Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V

Considering how the BR genre is growing exponentially in the gaming community these days, it is hardly surprising that along with Black Ops 4, Battlefield V is also rumored to have ventured into this area. If we watch the new trailer for Battlefield V’s Devastation of Rotterdam and pay particular attention to the closing seconds.

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Did you see the closing ring of fire in the dying seconds of the video? Does it remind you of anything? This is the first little teaser of a Battle Royale mode from developers DICE and publisher EA.

Rumored even before the game was officially announced, along comes the global reveal event in London and die hard Battlefield fans get their confirmation that one of the biggest first person shooter franchises is stepping into the world of Battle Royale as part of the Tides of War live service, allowing players to access all DLC and expansions for free.

Battlefield’s main mode Grand Operations will also be released as part of the Tides of War and will follow a couple of weeks after the game’s initial release and the BR mode is set to be part of that. Its not surprising Battlefield have chosen to dip a toe into the BR waters with the big maps and vehicles already implemented into the game – they are well suited to BR style of play.


source screenrant.com

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