May 23, 2022

Batora: Lost Haven Announced

You must balance light and dark to save the Earth

Stormind Games the developers behind Remothered have today announced their next game; Batora: Lost Haven. Taking control of Avril, you must fight through hordes of monsters on your quest to help save a dying Earth. The game itself is a top down action game similar to that of Diablo. However the developers say that the key mechanic is balancing the aspects of mind and body. With dire consequences should you fail to do so.

You’ll have to switch between mental and physical attacks to defeat your opponents. This mental/physical divide will be affect the way the game looks with its 1950s aesthetic. If you’re interested in Batora: Lost Haven keep your eyes peeled as it will be making its way to all consoles and PC soon. All of this information was made available to IGN earlier today.

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