May 28, 2022

Baby Yoda Available in Star Wars: Battlefront II (As a Mod)

Baby Yoda took the world by storm not two months ago. He’s cute. He’s cuddly looking. And, thanks to Modder Nanobuds, he’s now ready to kick some Galactic ass in Star Wars: Battlefront II

It may be a couple of months out of vogue (and certainly inferior to Baby Sonic), but Baby Yoda has finally found his way into a Star Wars game.

Granted, that game is Battlefront II. And his appearance is only thanks to a Mod, but he’s in there at least!

As spotted by PC Gamer, Baby Yoda has made his way to Battlefront II thanks to a Mod by Nanobuds. He’s actually a reskin of BB-8, which unfortunately has brought its own issues.

Nanobuds noted:

“He looks wacky on the frontend – There is nothing I can do about this. I can’t change the animations to make BB8’s arm or wire go away”.


So, Baby Yoda will occasionally throw wires around from out of nowhere – which is equal parts humorous and baffling. However, aside from that, he works as he should do.

His head bobbles around as it should do, and he’ll fire a laser beam out at enemies. Which isn’t technically canon, but who cares when it’s this fun!

YouTube player

A YouTube video by Spectrumoe showcases the pint-sized bundle of Jedi trouble and can be found embedded above.

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