Ayn Odin, a crowdfunded Android Gaming handheld, has started to ship.

Ayn Odin, a crowdfunded Android Gaming handheld, has started to ship.

For those interested in Android gaming and emulation, you might be interested to know that the Ayn Odin is starting to ship. Well what is the Ayn Odin? The Odin is a dedicated Android handheld, similar in size and design to the Nintendo Switch. It first came to attention with its Indiegogo campaign that launched in August 2021. Since then, apart from some regular backer updates, all has been quiet. Then it got delayed.

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For those not in the know, Ayn is a new Chinese company that has entered the increasingly competetive market of providing handheld gaming devices design for mobile and emulation gaming. They join companies like Anbernic, Pow Kiddy and Retroid in producing gaming handhelds at the sub $200 mark.

Good specs, low price.

There has been some excitment for the Ayn Odin since its announcement. For a start, the specs are pretty good for the price point, making it capable of running most native Android games. While it is not explicitly advertised as such, it is also has the CPU/GPU combo for running emulators. It is expected it could even run up to PS2 games. Plus, the addition of 5G wifi on Android makes it a good streaming device for services like Gamepass, Stadia and GEForce now

The device has 3 models, the Lite, Base and Pro, each with increased specs. To continue Switch comparison, Ayn are also releasing a USB dock to connect to your tv for larger screen gaming.

Vapour ware?

Of course, there had been some concern on Reddit and other forums that this would prove to be vapour ware and never release. The low price point and a delay from November to January for initial backer units to launch had some worried, particularly given the upfront cost. There have also been no review units released.

The news from Ayn that orders had shipped from China, and the steady posts of backers posting online that they have their units seems to be the proof that the device is real and going out. Reviewers are also starting to share their thoughts online and be early measure, it seems like the hype might have been for real.

Ayn Odin – started to ship

Ayn intends to continue the launch via Indiegogo and then move to a standard store bought offering with a slightly increased price once the production capacity is sufficient. For now though, we are happy on behalf of Ayn Odin backers that it has started to ship.

Are you interested in the Ayn Odin? Fancy taking a punt? Let us know below.

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