May 27, 2022

Australia Reneges Previous Certification on Disco Elysium

The game is now classified with an R18+ rating.

We previously wrote about the Australian classification board banning the sale of Disco Elysium – The Final Cut.

Of course, a game being banned is nothing new – especially in Australia.

Due to Australia’s oft-sneered at classification laws, Disco Elysium was given an RC (Refused Classification) rating.

That, of course, didn’t stop it being available for purchase digitally (via Steam).

Since then, a hearing has taken place to review Disco Elysium’s rating. The review board has now changed the rating from RC to an R18+ certification. Disco Elysium can, theoretically, go on sale in physical stores as well as legitimately be purchased digitally.

Whilst some might think Australia is out of touch, it’s more a case of being limited by rules set out before them. However, the true problem isn’t about initial classification. If and when this problem occurs again, to overthrow the ruling (like how ZA/UM here), a large scale review must be held. To overrule a previous hearing, every single state government must cooperate on one single issue. And, as I’m sure you’ll be aware, changing a game’s classification isn’t going to be high on any government’s list of things to do right now.

Of course, studios and developers are welcome to challenge any and all verdicts in this manner. Obviously, not every game will see a change in classification, but at least it’s an option. For those interested, the board’s findings are available here.

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