May 27, 2022

Atomic Heart Next-Gen Trailer Drops

Developer Mundfish has released the new trailer showing off over 7 minutes of Atomic Heart gameplay.

During the trailer running on an undisclosed next-gen machine, we’re shown a boss fight against a tentacled, but human shaped and nimble beast known as the Plyush.

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The Bioshock influence is there to see in the trailer as the protagonist explores the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKH), billed as an amusement park in Moscow.

Discovering gas spewing plant monsters, unfriendly robots and then the Plyush, with this encounter showing the quick time event during the fight looking intense, as you try and survive… whatever the hell it is.

This new footage also features music by revered Doom composer Mick Gordon, lending his musical influence to impart an eerie tone and impending sense of dread during the fight.

What is the Plyush?

“It’s an organic enemy which might just be a product of some secret governmental deeds,”.

“Who knows? You’ll have to find out. Maybe it’s a pure jelly. While Plyush shows how agile your enemies can be it’s definitely not the biggest nor is it the deadliest foe.”

Mundfish talking to IGN

Mundfish have said the next-gen versions of the Atomic Heart won’t feature loading screens, which would give the game a seamless feel as you enjoy the locale.

Despite not having a release date set in stone as yet, Atomic Heart is looking to fill the gap before we get another Bioshock title and will be releasing on Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Sourced from: Gamespot

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