Atlus Survey Provokes Speculation About More Persona Titles Coming To Switch

Atlus Survey Provokes Speculation About More Persona Titles Coming To Switch

Atlus, the publisher behind the Persona series, has released a survey asking fans what titles they want to come to the Switch. Naturally, this has caused something of a murmur amongst Switch owners and Persona devotees.

Persistent rumours around a potential Persona 5 port have followed the Switch around since release. It’s hardly surprising, considering the cult JRPG would seemingly be a perfect fit for the console.

The survey in question, written entirely in Japanese, is fairly standard stuff. It’s a straightforward exercise in garnering customer opinion on a variety of Atlus games and prospective releases. When you get to question 47 there’s a question about potential Switch ports (and might I say, what a dedicated fan you must be!)

So, hardly a cast-iron guarantee that anything will come of it. Still, that’s not enough to stop me from being excited!

In related news, the demo for Persona 5: Scramble is available now. Just to warn you, it’s not easy to access for gamers outside of Japan. The demo is only available for download in the Japanese eShop so you’ll have to create a new account.

For those who’ve got that far, initial impressions have been good.

So it seems like Persona has a future on the Switch. But to what extent? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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