May 17, 2022

Are We Getting a SEGA Dreamcast Mini?

Could SEGA be gearing up to release the SEGA Dreamcast mini? If a recent Famitsu article [translated by Siliconera] is anything to go by, then, maybe? Here’s hoping!

The best console ever [fight me] could be making a comeback.

That is, according to a recent entry in Famitsu (translated by Ryokutya2089, via Siliconera].

As the translation notes, SEGA’s Yosuke Okunari spoke about the future of SEGA’s recent miniature console collection;

[Again, these are translated quotes] “Of course, not all [previous consoles] will be realised, we are thinking about projects that you do not imagine. Since a considerable amount of money will move, we will proceed from the one with the highest possibility in reality [in other words, the console that is the most likely to translate well in terms of sales].

Game Gear Micro is only sold in Japan. If we do the next, I think the scale of the project with an eye on the world will be much larger. So, I can’t put it out two years after the Mega Drive Mini this time next year. I can’t make it so quickly”.

Here’s where things get particularly juicy;

“Next, I think I’ll go with a concept similar to the Megadora Mini. If I dare to name it, it’s the SG1000 Mini or the Dreamcast Mini. That kind of thing. The plan may pass”.

So, we might be getting a new SEGA mini console sometime. Whether it’s the SG1000 or a Dreamcast remains to be seen. However, out of the two of them, it’s more likely to be the Dreamcast. The SG1000 was one of SEGA’s earliest home video game console units that saw mediocre sales in Australasia. And by mediocre sales, it only sold around 160,000 since 1983.

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