Arcade-Inspired Twin-Stick Roguelite Revitais Out Now On Nintendo Switch & PC

Arcade-Inspired Twin-Stick Roguelite Revitais Out Now On Nintendo Switch & PC

Battle your way through an enigmatic clocktower in an attempt to restore lost memories.

Solo developer Benjamin Kiefer aka BenStar and indie publisher Dear Villagers (The Forgotten City, ScourgeBringer) have today released their twin-stick roguelite platformer Revita for Nintendo Switch and PC. Following on from a successful Steam Early Access campaign, Revita will be available for €16,99 / $16.99 / £13.49 on Steam, with a 20% discount until April 29th.

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In Revita, climb through an ominous clocktower and battle through a series of procedurally-generated encounters with foes and challenges in order to uncover lost memories and discover the mysteries of the melancholic world. Play as a nameless child with no sense of who or where they are and exchange health for upgrades as the game dares the player to play on a razor’s edge!
“It’s been a long road to get to this point, I’m finally happy to release Revita after working on it for the past five years”, said Benjamin Kiefer aka BenStar, developer of Revita. “We’ve received really positive feedback during Early Access and can’t wait to share the unique arcade-inspired twin-stick experience with fans of the genre and newcomers alike.”
“Revita is a love letter to previous twin-stick, roguelite and platformer games, with a certain polish and charm that makes it stand out from the competition”, said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing for Dear Villagers. “Playing Revita is a roller coaster adventure: it’s so fast, tense and addictive, you really feel like you’re playing at an arcade! With the procedurally-generated rooms and vast customization options, it’s a really fresh experience that’s different on every playthrough!”

Feature List: 

  • Trade life for power
    Exchange health for power in fast-paced glass cannon gameplay
  • Unique runs
    Battle through an almost infinite variety of combat encounters in procedurally generated rooms
  • Endless character builds
    Twin stick shooting, dashing and wall sliding are just the beginning – find power-ups and items on each run
  • Tweak your game
    An extensive set of options lets you tweak Revita to your playstyle – slow down time, set an outline colour for enemies to make them easier to track, or choose the level of aim assist that feels right for you
  • Arm yourself with multiple weapons
    Use a variety of guns! Arm yourself with a laser gun, charge gun, machine gun, shotgun, or rocket launcher.
  • A mysterious world
    Explore an underground subway line infested with monsters and filled with colourful characters who will help you on your journey.
  • Reclaim lost memories
    A nameless child with no memories awakens in a mysterious Clocktower that is connected by a metro system with only a vague sense of purpose, hoping to find answers at the top.
  • HATS! Many, many hats. All the hats, really – to cover all heads and all styles!

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