Apple Inc’s First VR Headset Is Set To Be Pricey!

Apple Inc’s First VR Headset Is Set To Be Pricey!

Apple Inc is taking the first step into the world of VR, as Apple is reportedly designing an expensive VR headset which apparently will be the first step to an even more advanced design, with all signs pointing towards AR glasses further down the line.

According to initial reports, the device will feature VR and AR technology and will be capable of gaming, video watching and communication.

Apple has planned to release the device in 2022, to compete with Facebook’s Oculus, Sony’s PSVR and HTC’s own headsets.

The device itself has faced several development hurdles as well as expected smaller sales expectations in comparisons to Apple’s more successful projects, as Apple see it as a more niche product that will only sell to a select portion of Apple’s customer base.

Apple AR 
I think we all know the type of AR glasses we really want

As for a potential price for this product? Most estimates put it in the £2000+ area which puts it at the top end, when you compare it with the other headsets prices.

Why so pricey?

First of all it’s Apple.

Second of all, Apple is aiming to use its most advanced and powerful chips in the headset, in order to give it a graphical edge over its competitors.

The headset codenamed N301 is said to be in a late prototype stage, while the AR Glasses, codenamed N421, are in early ‘architecture’ which means they are still working on the technology, but some say it’ll be ready by 2023.

What do you think? Would you get an iVR (Copyright ABG 2021) or are you waiting for someone to develop Star Trek Holodeck technology? Let us know in the comments below!

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