May 22, 2022

Apex Legends Season 6 Details

As we’ve previously posted, Apex Legends season 6 is on the horizon and will actually be available tomorrow (18th August). Respawn have now given out details on what to expect from this new season, along with a cinematic. For those not in the know, Apex Legends season 6: Boosted, will see the introduction of Rampart. This ‘Quick Witted Modder’ will have the following abilities.

Tactical: Amped cover. This will drop cover that blocks incoming damage, and amps up outgoing.
Passive: Increased magazine and reload for LMGs and her ultimate.
Ultimate: Places “Sheila” a mounted minigun that anyone can use.

You can also have a look at her background with this cinematic: “The Endorsement”.

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I’m loving these character cinematics

Next, we have crafting. From what the trailers show it seems that you will be able to gather resources from around the map. You can take them to a crafting station, and you can craft what seems to be anything that you would normally find on the map. One of the things you may want to craft is Volt, the new SMG being introduced.

You’ll also have some map changes incoming, with a new launch site being introduced to World’s Edge. Some areas are also changing such as Drill Site, and some changes to the train are incoming.

Finally, you’ll have a new battlepass, and a new trailer for that came out today. So if any of these are of interest to you Legends, you know where to find them.

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