Apex Legends: Legacy Trailer

Apex Legends: Legacy Trailer

The next season of Apex Legends has had another trailer release yesterday. Season 9, named as Legacy will see a number of changes coming to the Apex Games. In the trailer we see our first look at Ashe, who will be the orchestrator of Apex‘s newest (permanent) game mode; Arenas.

Arena’s will be a new 3v3 mode and will feature all new maps either pulled direct from areas of the Apex maps such as Artillery on King’s Canyon, or completely new. As of yet there is no official word on the breakdown on how many maps there will be, however at least one of the arenas will be specifically designed. And it wouldn’t be all that surprising if we saw a new one every season or two.

The game mode consists of a buy phase such as in games like Valorant, and an action phase. You buy weapons, armour or items with materials that you get from kills or on the map. You’ll be able to revive, but not respawn. And to win, you need three wins with a two score margin, else, at a score of 4-4 you’ll enter sudden death mode.

We saw Valkyrie in action with her skills enabling her (and team-mates) to fly across the battlefield and rain justice from above in what we assume to be her ultimate. Finally, we saw the new weapon; a compound bow – Bocek, coming with two new hop ups depending on how you want to use it. There’s just something cool about bows…

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