May 23, 2022

Apex Legends Evo Shields Sticking Around

If you missed out on your chance to bag an Evo Shield in Apex Legend’s System Override event, then you’re in luck. Those potentially game-changing pieces of armour are sticking around in various game events, ready to ruin a poor, unsuspecting enemy’s day.

For fans of Apex Legends who may have missed out on getting an Evo Shield in the recent System Override event, you’re in luck.

The official Apex Legends Twitter posted that the Evo Shields will now be available in-game through various other modes of play. These include Ranked, Play Apex, and some limited-time modes.

For anyone unaware, Evo Shields (in Apex, at least) are upgradeable pieces of armour. They grow stronger through normal gameplay as you deal damage to opponents. Therefore, it isn’t unfeasible to make one shield as powerful as some of the game’s legendary armour sets.

The only ‘problem’ to Evo Shields is that once dropped, they keep any progress. If you accidentally dropped a shield and someone picked it up, they would have the shield boosted up to where you left it. Which, as you could imagine, can easily turn the tides of war in an instance.

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