Apex Legends Coming to Switch, Spring 2021

Apex Legends Coming to Switch, Spring 2021

Commonly referred to as “not fucking Fortnite”, speculation around when Apex Legends might make an appearance on the Switch has been rife. In fact, just a few days ago, a Japanese retailer let slip that this much anticipated platform release could happen as soon as February 2nd. This would align with the Switch release of the award winning Battle Royale shooter with the launch of Season 8. Convenient, to say the least.

This was immediately retweeted by the game’s hardcore twitter base. But at the time, it remained mere puff, a hazy mist of speculation and rumour, thin as cloud and just as substantiated. You can see the original tweet below.

A retailer in Japan teases a possible Switch release for Apex Legends

And as if to confirm this baseless fanaticism, Respawn Entertainment remained as tight lipped as From Soft at a Bloodborne convention. That is until now. In replying to a prospecting tweet from Bobler Sniper (@BoblerSniper), Respawn director Chad Grenier confirmed that news is incoming, and soon. You heard right buckeroo, it seems Apex Legends is hitting a handheld near you, and the wait might be shorter than expected.

Apex Director Chad whips anticipation into fever pitch

Of course, Chad revealed that work was well underway when the Season 7 and Steam release was announced back in 2020. But any further information on the release has been scant, and a delay to the release of a handheld Apex Legends experience was delayed in October. Now it seems, we might be on the brink of release. Following the twit-a-twit, Nintendo Japan finally revealed that the world-beating Battle Royale experience would be in your hands, Spring 2021.

And to the pay-off. Nintendo Japan confirms Switch release in Spring ’21

So there you have it, confirmation from the big boys themselves. In the UK Spring officially starts on 1st of March, and runs until the 31st of May. Thats sooner that the little monsters will likely see a classroom, god bless ‘um. And while you wait, there are some awesome battle royal alternatives to enjoy on that most convenient of consoles. Tetris 99 is an awesome revival of the 90’s classic, pitting you against 98 other block-busting battlers. And there’s that other one, of course. Only God can judge you.