June 30, 2022

Any Button Gaming Plays… Warhammer 40k at Rapture Gaming Festival

So, at the weekend me and Scott Mercer from Any Button Gaming attended the second Rapture Festival at Charter Hall in Colchester, Essex.

Whilst we were there we noticed a popular area, this was an area dedicated to table-top gaming. This had grown in size of exhibitors since our visit back in May.

Scott and myself have been playing Warhammer 8th Edition for the past few years, but have found that the rules and length of some of the games, to be honest, a bit of a chore, especially having to carry round a massive rule book and a codex for our armies. This is the case for Warhammer 40k there is a main rule book, and army codex, but the main rule book in 40k is smaller than that of the 8th Edition, so much so that Games Workshop (the makers of Warhammer) have condensed the rule book into 8 simple pages to give you a basic overview of how to play the game.

Whilst chatting to the guys from the Colchester branch of GW, they asked if we would like to play a small battle with a unit, how convenient that they had the armies on display that both myself and Scott Mercer are interested in purchasing for our hobby. I chose the Death Guard Lord of Contagion, I chose this army because in 8th Edition I built a good Chaos army, and Death Guard worship the Chaos God of Nurgle (effectively a plague-ridden God). Scott chose the Primaris Space Marine Captain, we played a little one on one unit battle, Scott’s Captain was equipped with a sword and a gun, my Lord of Contagion only wielded a nasty looking axe.

So, the battle commenced, and unfolded with the first turn which consisted of us just us moving into range of each other. The nitty gritty of the battle came on turn 3 when both models were base to base (known as the close combat phase) Scott struck the first blow and dealt some damage to my Lord, using his fists, the lad helping us through this battle told me that my army had a special feature known as disgustingly resilient which means that I can dispel all his hits against me if I rolled higher than a certain number. Scott’s unit didn’t have this feature, I quickly took the upper hand of the battle and Scott was begging for mercy as I dealt one final blow to the Space Marine Captain, however, there was a secret weapon for the unit, even though he was dying he could do a final attack in order to tie the game and kill my Lord, however this failed, as disgustingly resilient kicked in and batted the attack away. I raised my hands in victory, which would turn out to be one of my only 2 victories over my Any Button Gaming colleague for the day. I’ll take this win though.

After this game, we got chatting about what would be best to purchase to save cost and they pointed us in the direction of a box set called “know no fear” and contained units for both the armies that we just played and scenery to get us started.

Thanks to the guys at Games Workshop Colchester, for the chat about the game and letting us play with their models.

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