Anti-Spoiler Alert: Pokémon is the Biggest Media Franchise in the World

Anti-Spoiler Alert: Pokémon is the Biggest Media Franchise in the World

You probably don’t need somebody to tell you this, but it turns out Pokémon is a pretty big deal.

An article published by TitleMax tells how Pikachu and friends are the biggest media franchise on the planet. With over $90 billion generated in the franchise’s lifetime, it eclipses absolutely everything else out there.

Extrapolating data from video games, movies, TV, merchandising, and more, TitleMax worked out that Pokémon is worth just over $92 billion.

Best of the Rest

The top 25 chart includes prominent franchises such as Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Bond, and Transformers. As you can see, quite a hefty line-up.

Looking closer at the chart, Pokémon’s merchandising sales pail in comparison to the likes of Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Hello Kitty. Each of these has merchandise sales far greater than Pokémon’s. However, thanks to the popularity of their video games, trading cards, and more Pokémon truly does come out on top.

For comparison’s sake, the entirety of the Star Wars franchise (merch, books, movies, and games) only generated $65 billion.

And the MCU, despite being the king of Hollywood in recent years, is only at $29 billion. (And, yes, I know that the MCU has only been going for 11 years so it’s not exactly a fair equivalent)

But still, Pokémon!

And Hello Kitty, which was started back in the early 1970s, has generated $80 billion. Some big numbers to try and wrap your head around, but it’s an interesting list for fans of, well, anything media.

Plus, with the upcoming Nintendo Switch-generation of Pokémon games (including Sword and Shield), Pokémon’s dominance will only continue to grow.

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