May 23, 2022

Anthem’s Christmas Decoration Have Finally Been Taken Down

Among several other quality of life updates (though still probably not enough to remedy the game), BioWare has released Update 1.7.0 for Anthem.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...or at least, it was, two months ago. Still, the ongoing haemorrhage screw-up trainwreck disappointment that is Anthem has rectified a wrong.

Yes, Anthem has finally been updated to remove its in-game festive decorations. The removal of the decorations comes at the end of the game’s “Icetide” event.

Now, technically speaking, we are still in Winter, so the presence of snow is acceptable. Heck, the morning I wrote this piece, we had brief flutterings of snow in North Wales.

However, the fact that it took until now to remove Christmas decorations – despite it being from a current event – is a little far from hopeless.

Patch Me Up, Scotty

Developers BioWare launched Anthem‘s 1.7.0 update (that saw the removal of said decorations and end of the aforementioned event). There’s a fair bit of improvement and general tidying up that BioWare has implemented. As the patch notes state:

“…we are kicking off our recurring schedule. The primary focus of this schedule is to deliver a regular rotation of challenges, store offerings, content and game modes, coin and currency awards, gameplay inversions, and mini-holiday seasons throughout the year”.

I won’t bore everybody with the details on the patch notes, but rest assured, there is a fair bit to see. Still, I don’t think it matters too much what BioWare does. Until that fabled 2.0 relaunch, Anthem continues to disappoint players.

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It’s a shame too, as it currently stands at a little over £10 on the Xbox Store, and I desperately want to get it ahead of the relaunch so I can be amazed by what BioWare does. Alas, I fear my ABG badge may be irrevocably harmed if any of my colleagues found out.

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